Tesalate Beach Towel Review

Tesalate Beach Towel Review

27 September 2020 0 By Go Camping Plus

In all honesty, I did wonder whether it was possible for these magnificently coloured and designed products could really be as good as they say they are. Well the truth is, my Tesalate beach towel is my most favourite beach towel I have ever had, I am now recommending them to everyone! 

Don’t get me wrong, I Iove going to the beach and experiencing ‘the beach’. I love hitting the sand, flicking my thongs off so that I can feel the sand between my toes as I walk towards the water. I love building sandcastles with my kids and beach pools, sitting in them then coming out all sandy. But the one thing I don’t love, is coming out of the water to dry off and grabbing a sand-filled towel!

Have you tried sand free beach towels before?

I have tried multiple towels, mats, wraps, sarongs – trying to find the best beach towel/mat combination that would allow me to dry myself off, then sit down slightly damp without being covered in sand within seconds, has been like ‘mission impossible’. I genuinely thought such a thing would never exist.

I was a little sceptical when Tesalate sent me their towel to review. I had tried ‘sand-free’ towels before that were most definitely not sand free, or too thick, or simply did not absorb the water from my body. I’d had a friend recommend Tesalate, in fact sworn by them, so I thought I better give it a go; and, I sure am very glad that I did!

My Bohemian Tesalate beach towel

Not only is my Bohemian designed Tesalate beach towel absolutely stunning, it is also super light, quick to dry, actually absorbs water and is totally sand free. It came in a small carry bag, is really compact, folds nicely (even after use) and fits easily into the bag. 

Tesalate Beach Towel Review

I am 100% sold on these towels, as is my family, so much so that I now have to fight the kids for it when we’re at the beach! I might have to add a towel to their Christmas list, as they would make a great gift! They will also go perfectly in the kids swimming bag for school swim lessons – lightweight and they don’t take up a huge amount of space.

The perfect travel towel

The compact size of the towel makes it the perfect accessory for traveling, packing into the beach bag or beach cart, going camping and to grab quickly for a weekend away; or, you could even have one in the back of your car for those moments when you need a towel to clean up a spillage, without it taking up too much room! 

Tesalate Beach Towel Review
Even on our winter beach escape it was a hit with the kids, also doubled as a scarf for me!

The beach towels come in two sizes – regular size or a towel for two. If you are tall, like I am, I would recommend you get the bigger size, simply to give you more room to move. For my kids, the regular size is perfect! 

Although the Tesalate beach towels are a little more expensive than other beach towels, they are definitely worth paying the extra money for – if a towel can make you feel good and happy, then your Tesalate beach towel certainly will!

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